How do I purchase ?

In the Product Pages you will find a button like below.
With clicking on the button a popup will open up and follow the steps
for complete the purchase.


How do I get the files ?

After the Purchase is done, you will receive the files to you Email Address.
Make sure that you have access to your Email and Check your Spam Box as well.
If you have any problems about the Purchase use the live chat or our discord server.

Does My Mouse Support the Razer Macro ?

Visit our Razer Synapes 3 Supported Mouse and Keyboard Models Page.
If you don’t see your Mouse in the list. Try it with Download Synapse 3 and installing.
After the installation is done and your Mouse is shown in the application the Razer Macro will work.

Is it Safe to use Razer Macro ?

Yes, the Razer Macro is safe to use. It’s undetected and safe for years.
For Checking the Status of the Razer Macros you can visit our Status Page.

How to Install Razer Macro ?

For the installation instructions please visit our How to Install Page.

If you have any other questions you can use the Live Chat and
our Discord Server to get Support and Help.

razermacro logo transparent small
Modern Warfare 3 Razer is updated.
XDefiant Razer Macro is now out!.
For Upgrade News Follow our Discord Page.
KeyFlexor - Controller Aim Assist on Mouse and Keyboard.
Rust No Recoil Macro Updated.
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