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Gaming is becoming more and more competitive and demanding than ever. If you want to take an edge over other players in FPS games or forego the tedious grinding in MMO games, Macros are your best bet. This article explains in detail what macros are, what macro modules are, and how you can easily assign them.

Let’s start this article if you want to know about “razer how to add macro module” quickly and straightforwardly.

Razer Synapse 3 supports Macros. If your Mouse supports Razer Synapse 3 you can easily use RazerMacro.Com Razer Macros undetected and safely.

What are Gaming Macros?

Keyboard and Mouse Macros are programmed keystrokes and mouse actions that allow you to perform a more complex and lengthy series of actions or key presses. Macros require you to press a single key or button or a shorter sequence to activate them. These help programmers to perform computing instructions into a single program statement that performs in a designated sequence.

More commonly, macros like the razer macro mouse are popular because players use them to gain an unfair advantage to excel in different games. Players mainly use the razer macro keyboard in MMO games as they must press 10-20 keys during their battles and grinding phase. FPS players use razer macro mouse keys to add macros to enhance their anti-recoils during important matches.

Razor Synapse 3 is a gaming tool by Razer which allows different macros to add to your devices that are Synapse 3 enabled and is a unified hardware configuration tool. In the text below, Read more about “Razer how to add macro module?” and “razer how to creat macro?”.

razer synapse 3 macro no recoil
razer synapse 3 macro no recoil

What Devices are Supported by Razer Synapse 3

Following are some of the Razer macro mouse that are supported by Razer synapse 3 software:

  • Razer Atheris Stormtrooper Edition
  • Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini
  • Razer Naga Trinity
  • Razer Jugan
  • Razer Viper Mini

Similarly following are some razer macro keyboard that are supported by Razer synapse 3 software:

  • Razer BlackWidow
  • Razer Cynosa Chroma
  • Razer Deathstalker V2
  • Razer Huntsman Elite
  • Razer Ornata V2

If you want to know all the Razer peripherals supported by razer synapse 3, visit Razer Synapse 3 Support Mouse.

Razer Macros works with Razer Synapse 3.
Razer Macro No Recoil are Undetected and Safe to use.


What are Modules in Razer Synapse 3 and its Extra Features?

Modules are features you can install in your Razer Synapse 3 that add extra functions to your Razer devices, allowing you to sync them and then control them from this single interface. Following are some of the significant modules you can access for now:

  • Amazon Alexa – You can use this to turn your Razer laptop into an Alexa Assistive speaker as a portable Alexa
  • Chroma Connect – This razer synapse 3 module lets you sync your games and other apps with Razer Chroma RGB settings
  • Chroma Visualizer – Control your lighting with music and games
  • Philips Hue – Syncing Philips lighting platform with Razer Chroma with this module
  • Nanoleaf – Bridging Nanoleaf panel lights with other modules and devices
  • Chroma Studio – You can use this tool if you want to add custom settings for your lighting that can easily cycle around all your connected devices
  • Macro – Assign macros to all your input peripherals

How to Add Macro Modules to Your Razer Mouse and Keyboard?

You can add a macro to your mouse and keyboard with simple steps.

Razer Synapse 3 Keyboard Assignment
Razer Synapse 3 Keyboard Assignment

How to Add Razer Macro Mouse?

  • After plugging in your razer macro mouse, run the razer synapse 3 software
  • Go to the Macro tab and click on the ‘+’ button to add the razer macro mouse
adding new macro file to razer synapse 3
adding new macro file to razer synapse 3
  • Rename as you like and click ok to start adding actions
  • Use the ‘Recording’ or ‘Insert’ method to add a sequence of actions to your razer macro mouse
  • The ‘Record’ button gives you the option to record any action you do during a specified duration and make it a macro designated to any button or buttons as per your choice
recording macro in razer synapse 3
recording macro in razer synapse 3
  • The ‘Insert’ option lets you add multiple actions like Keystrokes, Mouse clicking, texts, and commands into a combination into a single macro

Adding Delay to Macro in Razer Synapse 3
Adding Delay to Macro in Razer Synapse 3
  • You can save more than one razer macro mouse on your razer synapse 3 software and add them to different hotkeys
  • You can watch the installation instruction for Razer Synapse 3 Macro for understand the basics.

How to Add Razer Macro Keyboard?

  • Plug in your razer macro keyboard and run your razer synapse 3 to start adding macros for your keyboard
  • Click on the ‘Macro’ and then ‘Assign Macro’ for the macro you want to assign, which are presets
Razer Synapse 3 Macro Assignment to Keyboard
Razer Synapse 3 Macro Assignment to Keyboard
  • You can do this once or more than once as a playback option
  • Simply select the save option when you are satisfied
Razer Synapse 3 Saving Macro to Keyboard
Razer Synapse 3 Saving Macro to Keyboard

  • Now your razer macro keyboard has been created and assigned


Now you know how simple these macros are that can quickly enhance your gaming experience for the best and save you tons of time. These are some of the many quality-of-life features that come with modern gaming peripherals, especially with fantastic software tools like Razer Synapse 3 software. Enjoy your excellent devices with these incredible features.

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